lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Inka Koya

The road had been kind of tough smooth, rough easy. Like stepping on little rocks by the lake and feel them hurting your feet, it is sore and painful, then you just don't feel them at all thanks to the not-so-pristine water covering you.

That day, two strange things happened to me and the cared ones who joined this passenger. We found something that caught our attention and just couldn't resist to do it... when the three of us jumped in that little and very deep pool, we only felt the water cooling our skins hit by the summer in the desert, where the sun plain slaps you in the face. That feeling reached the top of my head while I swam towards the center of the pool, listening to my own breath and watching the loved one in the shore, sitted and laughing at me; he kept doing it, I kept swimming and that was all I could do before I completely lost my senses. The son of a gun kept pulling me under, wanted me dead in the depht of the sea... the three brave women who jumped into that pool realized it had no bottom, and it was eating us in those salty, thick waters, just like an ocean made in the middle of the desert.

The afternoon came and once dry and safe, we visited a tall rustic church located just a short car drive away of where we had been, and met a strange, old woman who told us a story... People say the Inka Koya Lagoon is hunted by the spirits of those who died drowned there by accident, the souls of the careless, they despised all the warnings and hit the depht... where their bodies could never be found. You where lucky, my dear ones, because it takes your last breath to join the immensity of the sea.

And I felt lucky to keep my soul attached to my body until my time comes.

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