viernes, febrero 26, 2010

Unrelated thoughts

Spectral Blue Storm
:: Break and liberate yourself, ignite the self - reconstruction ::

Today I look back and the weird thing is, I can't find myself when I think about the person I used to be. And I think I like it. Although, a liar is always a liar. Storytellers are made to deceive and entertain, that's certainly not for a change. And the hopeless romantics who make their way in life by lying to themselves and write stories of senseless achievements in order to feel complete... well, you can see the underlying tears by your own. At least I do.

Intérprete desconocido (Original de John Martyn)
Run honey run

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Ruffo dijo...

De verdad son como para la calle. Gracias

Anónimo dijo...

Algunos estamos comentando y estamos ansiosos e intranquilos... queremos que este blog se actualice.